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Queen Street Cemetery is the oldest municipal cemetery in Walsall, having opened in 1857 and closed in 1969. It is the last resting place of 'Sister Dora' who devoted her life to nursing the sick and those injured in industrial accidents.

As this Cemetery is no longer operational and is a public open space, it is managed by Lifelong and Community Services, not Walsall MBC. 


Grave of Dorothy Pattison, Queen Street Cemetery, Walsall (2008).

Dorothy Pattison affectionately known as Sister DORA died December 24th 1878, aged 46 years.

Grave of Dorothy Pattison, Queen Street Cemetery, Walsall (2008).

Monumental Inscription

In/Memory of/SISTER DORA/Who entered/Into rest on/Christmas Eve 1878/

Please see the 'Eminent People' page at www.blackcountrygenealogyandfamilyhistory.co.uk for more information about Dorothy Pattison.

Monument of Henry Boys, Queen Street Cemetery, Walsall (2008).

This monument is over 12 feet high and is in the Church of England Section of the Cemetery, Division G.

Monument of Henry Boys, Queen Street Cemetery, Walsall (2008).

Monumental Inscription

In memory of Henry Boys, died 16th March 1894, aged 62 years.

In his prosperity he forgot not the poor or the suffering, but generously gave his wealth for their comfort and benefit. He built and endowed 12 Almshouses for poor old men and women, on the occasion of the jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Victoria and by his will he increased the endowment, and provided in perpetuity, for the education and maintenance of 9 poor orphan children, besides leaving funds for supplying boots, blankets and shoes for poor men, women and children of his native town of Walsall and liberal benefactions to the Walsall Cottage Hospital and other local institutions and charities.

The good that men do lives after them.

Monument of Henry Boys, Queen Street Cemetery, Walsall (2009).

Monumental Inscription

Thomas Boys/Died November 27th 1885/Aged 49 years/Rest in peace/

Monument of Henry Boys, Queen Street Cemetery, Walsall (2009).

It would appear that a plaque has been removed from this side of the monument.

Headstone of George Eld, Queen Street Cemetery, Walsall (2008).

This grave is badly broken but the legible inscription is as follows:

Also GEORGE/The Beloved Husband Of/ELIZABETH ELD/Who Died November 21st 1907/Aged 51 Years/

From our records we can confirm that the following are also buried in this cemetery....

Lizzie Eld died August 5th 1883 aged 1 year 5 months and Gertrude Alice Eld died January 15th 1889 aged 1 year 10 months.

Headstone of Nancy, Minnie and William Cleghorn, Queen Street Cemetery, Walsall (2009).

Monumental Inscription

Loving memory/Of/NANCY/The beloved wife of/WILLIAM CLEGHORN,/Who died August 31,1900,/Aged 61 Years./"With Christ, Which is far better."/Also MINNIE, daughter of the above/Who died June 22, 1886,/Aged 4 years./Also of the above/WILLIAM CLEGHORN/ Who died March 18, 1922/Aged 86 Years./"At rest."/

Headstone of Henry and Anne Sargent, Queen Street Cemetery, Walsall (2009).

In loving memory/Of HENRY SARGENT/Who died August 4th 1895/Aged 72 years/Also of/ANNE SARGENT/Wife of the above/Who died May 25th 1903/Aged 80 years/Gently translated they passed out of sight/Gone as the morning stars/Flee with the night/Taken to endless day/So did they fade away/Into Thy sight/

Headstone of Samuel, Sarah and Lucy Jane Peace, Queen Street Cemetery, Walsall (2009).

Monumental Inscription

In/Loving memory/Of/SAMUEL PEACE,/Who died March 23rd, 1883,/Aged 64 years./"Thy will be done."/There shall be no more death, neither/Shall there be any more pain, for the/ Former things are passed away."/Rev ?/Also of SARAH, wife of the above/Who died Oct 13th, 1914./Aged 95 years./Father in thy gracious keeping,/Leave we now Thy servants sleeping./Also of their eldest daughter/Lucy Jane Peace./

Headstone of Thomas and Rosehannah Lynex, Queen Street Cemetery, Walsall (2009).

In/Loving memory/of/THOMAS LYNEX/Who fell asleep in Jesus Feb.4.1890./Aged 67 years./His end was peace./Also of ROSEHANNAH, his beloved wife/Who died June11, 1903./ Aged 79 years./Thy will be done./

A now unused Drinking Fountain situated by the entrance to the cemetery.

This area of the cemetery is now very overgrown and the ground is uneven indicating that there may be some headstones beneath the undergrowth.

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